About cord blood

Powerful cells - tremendous possibilities

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Your baby’s cord blood is a rich source of powerful stem cells that are the building blocks of your blood and immune system. After your baby has been delivered, your doctor can collect the remaining blood for future medical use for your family, otherwise it is just thrown away. The process is quick, easy, and there is no risk to mom or baby.

Stem cells – powerful and incredibly unique

Cord blood contains stem cells that are the body’s “master cells” and amazingly powerful. They have the ability to divide and renew themselves and are capable turning into specific types of specialized cells – such as blood or nerve. After all, these are the cells responsible for the development of you baby’s organs, tissue and immune system.

Lifesaving, powerful therapies today

The stem cells found in cord blood are currently being used to regenerate organ tissue, blood, and the immune system to heal:


Blood disorders

Immune disorders

Metabolic disorders

Bone marrow disorders

Unique advantages of newborn stem cells

Your newborn’s stem cells can help heal the body by promoting recovery and offer a tremendous amount of therapeutic potential. Stem cells from cord blood are unique in many ways:

  • They can treat over 80 diseases
  • They can proliferate, or reproduce, rapidly
  • They are biologically younger
  • Freezing them ‘stops the clock’ and protects them from being exposed to environmental damage, aging and common viruses that can impact the stem cells in our bodies over time

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