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Saving your newborn’s stem cells can protect your family for life. At CellSave, your newborn’s stem cells are handled with outmost professional care and individual attention. We make it our goal to provide simple and reliable services so you can have the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to storing your newborn’s stem cells.

Banking with CellSave in 3 easy steps


Choose your package and order your kit. You can Call us or Order online. Pack your kit with your hospital bag and keep at room temperature.


At the time of delivery hand the kit to your healthcare provider so they can collect the cord blood and tissue samples. Contact us for kit collection.


Once we receive your kit, we will process your sample and store your baby’s stem cells at -196 C in our lab, safely kept, ready and available if ever needed.

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Your collection to kit contains all you
need on your delivery day for your
healthcare provider to collect your baby sample.

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