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5 tips to maximise your maternity style

Getting ready to welcome a new baby doesn’t have to mean waving goodbye to your fashion credentials for nine months. Of course, you’ll want to adapt your wardrobe to accommodate your growing bump and feel comfortable, but there are plenty of ways to stay stylish without spending too much on clothes you won’t wear that often.

Breathable fabrics

Being pregnant in the UAE has its own challenges due to the particularly hot and humid weather. Even without the desert temperatures, you’re likely to feel warmer during pregnancy because of increased blood supply to the skin, and your body has to work harder to keep cool. Choose light, breathable fabrics (such as cotton, Lycra, linen, and rayon), and remember, layering is your friend when you step inside the AC. Button tops and shirts are useful for wearing over a vest and also allow easy access when you’re breastfeeding.

Accentuate your shape

Gone are the days when pregnancy dressing meant hiding your body. There are some great form-fitting options for when you want a sleeker look, and empire line styles give a chic silhouette with a looser fit that will skim your bump. While it might be tempting to purchase regular clothes in larger sizes, they can have a shapeless effect and gape in the wrong places. Whereas, maternity clothes are specifically designed to accentuate your changing shape and flatter the rest of your body at the same time.

Make it up

You might not want to invest in too many clothes right now, but you can still have fun at the makeup counter. A bit of bronzer, a hint of shimmer, a new eyeshadow, or a bold lip can have a big effect on how you look and feel. Cream blushers are good multi-taskers, and a lot of women find their hair gets thicker during pregnancy, so make the most of it and show off your glossy locks. Skin can become more sensitive, so simpler skincare products, with fewer active ingredients, are recommended.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

If your outfits lack a bit of flair, then try adding some striking accessories to stand out. Jewellery, scarves, handbags, and eyewear add a touch of glam, letting you dress a look up or down easily. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about not fitting into them after the baby arrives, so pick up a few things that you’ll want to wear again and again. Play around with bright colours, or look for the prints that are big on the catwalk for that season.

Embrace the stretch

Make stretchy fabrics a maternity staple and move freely in versatile pieces that will adjust to your body from the first trimester through to the newborn days. Neutral T-shirts can create the basis for several different looks, teamed with comfortable leggings and elasticated maternity jeans, or well-cut trousers for work and play. As the weeks progress, you may put on weight where you didn’t expect to, and this kind of material will give you plenty of flexibility. However, it’s worth checking that the fabric doesn’t go sheer when it stretches.

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