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Want to know more? Download the Free Info Guide

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What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)?

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) possess remarkable versatility, as they can differentiate into nearly any cell type within the body. MSCs can form bone, cartilage, and tissue cells and are predominantly found in the cord tissue.

Why Are MSCs Valuable?

Mesenchymal stem cells are used extensively in the exciting area of regenerative medicine research. They are also used in numerous clinical trials for wound care, spinal cord injuries, and joint and bone diseases. In certain studies, cord tissue stem cells have shown the ability to enhance cord blood treatments and transplants. MSCs are being referred to as “smart cells” that head straight to the site of the injured cells to stimulate new cell growth.

Power of Cell Regeneration

The main reason why chronic degenerative diseases impact us is the gradual decline and accelerated degeneration of our stem cells as we age. The rate of cell degeneration surpasses the rate of cell regeneration, leading to the onset and progression of these diseases.

Ongoing research indicates MSCs’ potential for application in the treatment and prevention of degenerative and autoimmune disorders.

Unlimited Power

Unlock the full potential of ready-to-use MSCs with CellSave. With our advanced preservation and processing techniques, these cells are primed for immediate application. Experience the convenience and efficiency of having readily available mesenchymal stem cells, enabling swift and effective treatments when you need them.

MSCs Uses

Cord tissue MSCs revolutionize the field of regenerative medicine. They provide a one-step solution for your regenerative needs.

Why CryoInfinite?

With CryoInfinite, you can have peace of mind knowing that a limitless reserve of MSCs is readily available to support your regenerative needs.

Your Family's Master Stem Cell Bank

Parents are making the informed choice to ensure their family will have access to stem cell treatments when needed and banking their baby’s MSCs with CellSave. And CellSave is meeting parent’s expectations of banking with a purpose — for actual use.

Your Family's
Master Stem Cell Bank

CellSave Newborn Stem Cell Banking is our proprietary method of banking your child’s pure mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for use in the future. We start by extracting MSCs from the perinatal tissues and then growing them to create a Master Stem Cell Bank for your child and family.

This Master Stem Cell Bank is designed to generate practically unlimited doses of your newborn’s own MSCs for use in the future and is capable of providing a lifetime supply of therapeutic doses.

Limitless Possibilities

That’s as many as 415 billion cells available to your baby and family over a lifetime.


Master Stem Cell Bank

Cultured fresh to generate over 1,000 treatments

Lifetime supply is calculated based on average of 1,037 treatment doses. Each dose is calculated at 200-400 million cells (dependent on physician’s prescription).