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Who can use your baby’s stem cells?

Saving your baby’s stem cells with CellSave ensures they will be available to your family if you ever need them. Families choose private banking with CellSave because there are significant benefits to using your own stem cells or those of a family member. To understand who can use your baby’s stem cells it is important to know how they are being used. Stem cells from cord blood; cord tissue and placenta may be used in two areas of medicine:

Transplant Medicine

Today stem cells are being used in transplant medicine to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems after they have been damaged. Some of the diseases which damage the blood and immune system are life-threatening, such as cancers and blood disorders. More than 50,000 stem cell transplants are performed yearly worldwide.

Regenerative Medicine

In an exciting new field that scientists call regenerative medicine, stem cells have proven their potential to help conditions that as of today have no cure. Stem cells have demonstrated they can regenerate damaged tissue and restore lost function after an injury or illness. In this field of medicine, the use of one’s own stem cells is required.

So who can use my baby’s stem cells?

Any family member who is a suitable match may be able to use your baby’s stem cells for transplant medicine. Siblings are most likely to be compatible matches, and have up to a 75% chance of being at least a partial match. Parents are a partial match and could potentially use the cells, too. Your baby will always be a perfect match to his or her own stem cells and may use them for a number of diseases, however, not generally for inherited genetic conditions. In those cases, a matched sibling’s stem cells would be the first choice.

Still have questions on the benefits of the uses of stem cells?

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