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Featured Mum: Denizz Nateghi

Denizz Nateghi is a 28-year-old beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer who has lived in Dubai for nine years. A life-long passion for art and colours led her into the world of makeup and she has built a massive Instagram following sharing her secrets with stunning imagery and informative videos at @denizz_makeup. Denizz’s daughter Celine was born in October and we caught up with her to find out how this precious gift has changed her life, plus how she still finds time for her famous beauty regime.

Tell us a little bit about your family life

My husband and I have always wanted children; it is incredibly important to us. My family is my priority, I love them more than anything and I will always do my best to support them.

How did you get into a career in beauty?

At school I loved art, spending hours painting and playing with all the different colours. As I got older, I realised I could do the same experimenting with makeup, so it was a natural choice for me.

How would you describe life as an influencer?

The main thing I would say is that it is not easy! It is a full-time job to create good content and share your knowledge with people in a way they can relate to. Patience is important and you definitely need to love your work!

How are you enjoying motherhood so far?

Celine totally changed my life and she gave me the chance to know what the meaning of true love is. Nothing is more joyful than being her mother. Every moment that I spend with her is so valuable and I cherish things like breastfeeding and waking up in the night to comfort her.

Why did you decide to bank Celine’s stem cells?

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t know much about stem cell banking but I had heard that it could be used for life-saving treatments. We chose to store Celine’s stem cells to protect her health as much as possible in the future and we would recommend it to other people who are thinking about it.

Has your beauty routine changed with a newborn?

Honestly, no! My skincare and beauty routine is really important to me and I always find the time to do it, even at 4am in the morning.

Do you have any beauty tips for new mums?

You can definitely still keep your regime up and find ways to feel good about yourself that work for you. Try keeping your favourite products next to the bed or in the nursery so they are easy to access.

What advice would you give to other first-time mums?

To be strong and especially never to compare yourself with other mothers. We are all different, and you shouldn’t let anyone else’s negative energy affect you or the bond you have with your family.

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