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Featured Mum: Nicole Lovelock Mears

Nicole Lovelock Mears moved to Dubai with her husband five years ago and it’s been a busy time in the sun ever since. As well as focusing on her career as a training manager, Nicole is a recognisable face thanks to her popular blog She Dined in the Sun. Plus, the couple welcomed their daughter Sienna earlier this year. We caught up with her to discuss the early days of parenthood, dining out in the city and why kindness is one of the most important values we can teach our little ones.

What motivated you to start a blog?

I love eating, it’s my favourite pastime and I’ve always used Instagram to capture my latest foodie finds. I’d considered starting a blog for a while but I wasn’t sure the world needed another blogger until a friend of mine encouraged me to give it a whirl: I haven’t looked back.

What are your favourite bits about being a blogger/influencer?

I love socialising and going to events, especially if they involve eating! One of my favourite things is meeting new people and I’ve made so many good friends through it. Dubai is a small city so you tend to bump into a lot of the same people, which is always fun.

How did you first hear about banking stem cells?

We attended a pregnancy fair where Cryo-Save gave a presentation. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of stem cell banking before but this was the first time and we were really impressed.

Why did you decide to go ahead and bank your child’s stem cells?

It just felt like a great insurance policy for Sienna and our family should anyone get sick and especially if we had another baby. I couldn’t believe how many illnesses it can help with and it has given us peace of mind knowing we have done it.

Is stem cell banking something you would recommend to others?

100%! It is expensive but I think it’s totally worth it. You hope you never need to use it but if you did it would be worth every penny.

Tell us about your daughter Sienna? What has been your favourite bit of motherhood so far?

She’s amazing. I can’t believe she is 5 months old already. She has such a cheeky character and is always smiling. I’ve loved every minute of it, even more than I thought would. Watching her grow and turn into her own little person has definitely been the best bit!

How has life changed since she was born?

I haven’t gone back to my full time job yet; I have taken extended leave so I can make the most of these early months with Sienna. It’s hectic running around with a baby but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’ve still been eating out, we just time it round her schedule during the day or have a nurse to look after her in the evenings if I need to go and do a review or attend an event.

What life lessons do you look forward to sharing with your little girl?

To always be kind to people. Everyone is going through their own challenges and the most important thing you can do is to be kind and tolerant. I want her to grow up knowing her worth and to work hard to achieve her dreams. Anything is possible!

What advice would you give to first-time mums?

Go easy on yourself and remember no one is perfect. Don’t try to fit into other people’s ideals and just do your own thing. Also, you know your baby best so listen to them and trust your instincts. Most importantly enjoy this time, it goes so fast!


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