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Featured Mum – Rahil Hesan

Rahil Hesan is an international fashion designer with her own label, Warda Haute Couture. Having launched her career in 2005, Rahil has since showcased her designs at both Dubai Bridal show and Dubai Fashion week.

Rahil’s signature designs have adorned the international red carpet; her glamorous gowns are sought after and worn by Hollywood celebrities; Sofia Milos at the Monte Carlo TV Awards, Gemma White for the Cannes Film Festival and Samantha Gutstadt for the Emmy Awards.

With such a high profile career in the spotlight, we wanted to know how Rahil manages to combine motherhood and work as well as why she decided to store her baby’s stem cells.

How did you first hear about banking stem cells?

I found out about it via Instagram! I saw a post about stem cells when I was 6 months pregnant and I decided to do some more research. I discovered CellSave and after a long chat with one of their advisers I decided they were the best fit for what I wanted.

Why did you bank your child’s stem cells?

To secure a healthy future for my baby and ensure no illness befalls him God forbid. There are so many advances in medical science now and we have no idea what might happen during our lives. I hope that I’m providing a kind of medical insurance for my son.

How has your life changed since having your children?

I think this is a question that no mother can truly answer. My life changed from the moment I found out I was pregnant and has continued to change for the better ever since.

Tell us about your children. How old are they, what has your favourite moment of their development been so far?

My son is 4 months old and my favourite moment has got to be the very second our skins made contact after his birth. Nothing can prepare you for that instant, it was the most powerful feeling in the world.

What one piece of advice can you give to first time mums?

You don’t have to wait for your baby’s birth to start investing in their future. Guarantee a healthy life for your bundle of joy by arranging to bank their stem cells. I would also advise new mums to try and relax and take it all in as it all goes by so fast. I know that’s easier said that done though when you’re exhausted!

How do you balance work and family life? 

Any working mom can say that having a newborn and trying to grow a career is definitely a challenge, especially when all you want to do is spend every minute of everyday with your little one. So my solution is to strap my baby in and hold him as close as possible while I work on my sketches and designs. This has worked really well up to now and has been a perfect way for me to spend time with my son whilst not stopping my work.

Have friends or family been encouraged to store cells because you did?

Yes, my close dear friends have all been advised to store stem cells and a few have even done so through CellSave. I could not be more pleased with this agency for enabling me to be a proud mother whose doing everything she can for her child and his future.

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