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Featured Mum: Sally Hajjar

Sally Moussa Hajjar is the co founder of Humangement, a creative celebrity agency that brings together brands with celebrities and influencers. As someone who has been heavily involved in Arab TV culture and the representation of Arab celebrities for many years, Sally was perfectly placed to start her own agency along with her husband.


As a mum to three children, Sally performs the delicate balancing act of managing work and home life on a daily basis. Taking time to work when her eldest are at school and then stopping work and spending time with her children until bedtime when she starts work again, Sally tells us about why it was important to store her child’s stem cells and how life has changed since becoming a mother. 

How did you first hear about banking stem cells? 

It was 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first-born daughter back in Beirut. My doctor back then introduced us to this technique.

Why did you bank your child’s stem cells? 

Simply because health guarantees are the most precious gift I could ever offer them in life.

How has your life changed since having your children? 

It has changed in every aspect. It became all more meaningful and while it is true that the challenges are now bigger, their father and I feel that we are beyond blessed for there is no greater love.

Tell us about your children. How old are they, what has your favourite moment of their development been so far? 

My older daughter, Hally is 7. My son Hady-Christopher is 5 and my youngest Lilly is 2 months old and every day I am lucky to watch them grow and develop their personalities. I can honestly say that it is one of the most miraculous experiences in life. Every day with them brings new discoveries and new cherished memories and along with them I re-discover myself and my boundaries every single day as well.

How do you balance work and home life?

Usually my day starts early at 6 am as I wake up with the kids and set them up for school. After putting them in the bus at 6:45, I spend time with Lilly and prepare lunch before I either head straight to the office. By 2 pm I am usually back home to meet the kids again from school and I try not to be engaged in any work until 7pm the time they are bathed and ready to go to sleep. And that is when I start working on my emails and late meetings again.

What one piece of advice can you give to first time mums? 

I can tell them that I know it is life changing and I know that it is difficult, but I promise that it will be the most beautiful rides of your lives. Just hang in there!

Have friends or family been encouraged to store cells because you did? 

I am a huge supporter of stem cell storage and I rally for it too especially, with all the advantages it brings to the children’s lives. So yes! I can proudly say that I had this positive effect on some of my friends and family who have stored their kids stem cells because of my constant nagging. 

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