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Featured Mum: Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall is a specialist in the luxe living industry. After spending several years as Director of sales and marketing at the luxury lifestyle group, Quintessentially, Stephanie branched out on her own in 2015. She now assists individuals with all aspects of their lifestyle. With a global black book of contacts, Stephanie has access to some of the world’s most exclusive experiences.

Stephanie is also one half of blogging duo, ExpatMamas.me. Indulging in her passion project, she documents her journey into and through motherhood, alongside best friend Frankie.

Stephanie and Frankie organise mummy events for expats based in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and share their tips with their loyal followers.

We caught up with Stephanie to find out why she decided to store her first baby’s stem cells and how motherhood is going so far.

How did you first hear about banking stem cells?

I first heard about it a couple years back, however when I became pregnant a lot of people were talking about it and banking their babies stem cells. After doing my own research it made so much sense for us to do the same.

Why did you bank your child’s stem cells?

I think once you have heard the success stories around stem cell banking and you understand the potential they have it’s hard not to store them! It gives some reassurance for the family and made me feel like I had invested in my child’s future and done the best I could for her.

How has your life changed since having your children?

Its been an incredible life changing experience! Never did I think I could love something so much. I’ve found being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

Tell us about your children. How old are they, what has your favourite moment of their development been so far?

Soraya was born on the 2nd of November and is 3 months old, there have been so many favourite moments so far, however I think the top one out of many is that first smile!

What advice can you give to first time mums?

The first three months can be challenging but you will get into a routine and you will start to understand the cries. I think it’s important to have mummy friends that reassure you their child is doing the same thing and get yourself out of the house!

How do you balance working and motherhood? 

I run a blog called @expatmamas.me with my friend Frankie which is all about pregnancy and motherhood which goes hand in hand with being a mum. We host lots of events for the mummy community in Dubai and fortunately we get to bring our littles with us!

Have friends or family been encouraged to store cells because you did?

Yes, it is definitely something my family will look into when it’s their time to have children. Everyone has been really intrigued by the process and is interested about how stem cells can help in the future.

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