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Fun & Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Cakes

Over the years, baby showers have evolved into elaborate and modern celebrations that are aesthetically pleasing. Sure, there are still traditional baby showers and maybe less extravagant showers for second children, but just ask any mother who attended or had a baby shower in the nineties, and they will tell you how much these celebrations have changed. Many think the shift is the result of the internet, where moms and moms-to-be can share baby shower ideas via sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and mommy blogs. Others might think that these picture-perfect showers have simply evolved to keep up with trendy social media aesthetics. Either way, when it comes to planning a modern and beautiful shower, it all comes down to the details– invites, decorations, games, and of course, the cake.
Planning parties is not easy, and finding unique and delicious baby shower cakes can be a daunting task of its own, but it is one of the highlights and principal components of most modern baby showers.
If you are a mom-to-be or are planning a baby shower for someone, we have some brilliant and adorable ideas for baby shower cakes that will wow everyone at your celebration.

Confetti Cake For Baby Shower

When it comes to any type of celebration, you can’t go wrong with confetti. So why not sprinkle some confetti onto a baby shower cake? Confetti cakes are great because they can be as simple as throwing colored confetti on the top (you can even choose specific colors based on the theme, gender, etc.) or you can make it a little more complex by baking the confetti in with the mix or adding it to the center of the cake for a surprise confetti-filled middle. Get creative with food coloring, layers, and the flavor of the cake!

Angel Food Cake

Traditional cake and icing might be too sweet or heavy for some people. Or maybe you would like options for the dessert table; if that’s the case, then a great option and baby shower cake idea would be an angel food cake! Angel food cake is a type of sponge cake that is relatively easy to make (consisting of only egg whites, flour, cream of tartar, and sugar). It is a light and beautiful cake that can be topped with whipped cream, light icing, and berries of your choice.
You can also get creative with angel food cakes by making multiple layers and making your own icing. Let’s not forget to mention that this type of cake is lower in fat and calories than other cakes.

Fondant Cakes

When it comes to baby shower cakes, most people think of “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” cakes, but you can get a lot more creative than that at your baby shower. A simple Pinterest search will produce hundreds of beautiful cakes that use fondant. Fondant is a sugar-paste icing that can be kneaded into a very silky and flexible icing that can be draped over a cake for a smooth and seamless finish on any cake. It can be molded into various shapes, letters, numbers, designs, etc. Fondant is entirely edible and is a popular choice for those who want custom designs or baby shapes on their cake. The downside of fondant cakes is that unless you know how to make them yourself, it can be expensive to have a custom-ordered fondant baby shower cake. Also, keep in mind that most of these special-order cakes also require to be ordered months in advance.

Non-Cake Baby Shower Desserts

To cut back on clean up time, some parents-to-be prefer to offer cookies or cupcakes in place of baby shower cakes. Cupcakes with confetti or baby designs are great dessert choices for baby showers and allow parents to get creative with flavors, designs, and colors. It also gives the guests at the baby shower options regarding preferences in flavor or icing.

At CellSave, we know that planning for your baby’s arrival can be overwhelming. That is why it is essential to take a break from planning the bigger, more important things, such as finances or cord blood banking options, and focus on smaller, less daunting plans such as baby shower cake ideas!
We hope that you found some inspiration from this article, and remember that when it comes to your baby shower, you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

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