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Top Names for Baby Girls in Tamil for 2023

You’re getting ready to welcome a beautiful baby girl into this world, and your heart is bursting with love and anticipation. There’s plenty to do to prepare, including coming up with a name for your bundle of joy. There’s so much to a name: it shapes one’s identity, and its selection warrants careful consideration.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of names for baby girls in Tamil that will hopefully inspire you. We hope this list helps narrow down the selection – or, even better, presents a name for your princess! Enjoy reading through these Tamil names for girls and their meanings.


Aadhya means “the first power” or “the beginning.” What better name for a little girl who is the start of a new chapter in your life?


Bhavika refers to a well-meaning person or one with good intentions. This name will ground your daughter in kind-heartedness and consideration toward others.


Charvi translates to “beautiful” or “lovely, ” perfect for reminding your daughter of her inner and outer beauty throughout her life.


Dharani means “the earth, ” giving your daughter an energy of sure-footedness and a strong connection with nature.


The name Elina signifies one who is intelligent or wise, guiding your daughter to seek the knowledge she needs to live a good life.


Fehana means “a lovely flower” or “delightful,” perfect for someone who’s sure to bring joy and happiness into your world.


Gayatri refers to the powerful and revered Gayatri Mantra in Hinduism, a perfect name for imbuing your daughter with strength and wisdom.


Hiranmayi translates to “golden” or “made of gold.” This name signifies the preciousness and value of your little girl.


Iniyaa means “sweet” or “pleasing,” perfectly capturing the sweetness of your daughter and the happiness she’ll bring to the family.


Janani means “mother” or “the one who gives birth,” a unique name and tribute to the unconditional love and nurturing nature of mothers.


Kavya means “poem” or “poetry in motion.” It serves as a fitting metaphor for the beauty, grace, and rhythm that many little girls possess.


Lavanya means “grace” or “beauty,” which will reflect your little girl’s elegance and charm.


Mohana means “enchanting” or “bewitching,” ensuring your daughter will captivate everyone whose paths come across hers.


Nandini is a simple and fitting name meaning “daughter” or “one who brings joy.”


Do you suspect you may have a little artist coming into the world? Consider the name Oviya, which means “beautiful art” or “artist.”


Pranavi translates to “the sacred syllable Om.” This name connects your little girl to the spiritual and divine aspects of life.


Quanika is another name meaning “intelligent” or “wise” for the daughter who is sure to be a knowledge seeker throughout her life.


Roshini is a Tamil baby girl name that means “light” or “brightness,” which she’s sure to bring into your life.


Saanvi means “goddess Lakshmi” or “one who is followed.” This name will connect your daughter to the divine feminine and symbolizes prosperity.


Taarika translates to “star” or “light.” Naming your baby girl Taarika is another way to celebrate the brightness she’s sure to bring to your world.


Uthra means “a bright star” or “serpent.” This unique name carries with it resilience and brilliance.


Vaishnavi signifies “devotee of Lord Vishnu” or “auspicious,” connecting your baby girl with the divine and the embodied qualities of goodness and prosperity.


Wamil is a unique Tamil name for baby girls that means “beautiful” or “pleasant,” imbuing your daughter with charm and grace.


Xamiya translates to “gift from heaven” or “blessing.” This special name signifies the precious gift your daughter is to your family.


Yashvi means “fame” or “glory,” perfect for a daughter who is destined to be seen on the world stage in one way or another!


Zara is an elegant name meaning “princess” or “flower.”

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