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How To Get Pregnant After 35

Once referred to as a “geriatric pregnancy” and considered to be high-risk, pregnancy after the age of thirty-five has become more common for several reasons. People are waiting longer to get married and have children. Additionally, women sometimes choose to focus on their careers or other endeavors, feeling less pressure since there is plenty of information about how to get pregnant after thirty-five.

If you’ve found yourself in any of these situations and are wondering if you can get pregnant after thirty-five, you can rest assured that the answer is “yes.” There are ways to increase your chances of conception and delivering a healthy full-term baby, and the more you know, the better equipped you are to have a successful, safe pregnancy after thirty-five.

Preparing For Pregnancy

Many women have found that the answer to getting pregnant after thirty-five is laying the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy before trying to conceive. Here are a few ways you can do the same thing.

Make An Appointment With A Perinatal Specialist Or Doctor

Meet with a trusted health professional and let them know that you want to get pregnant. You can request genetic counseling for you and your partner in addition to blood work to check on your hormone levels. Your doctor can guide you through what the tests mean and if you are predisposed to any increased risks that could affect your pregnancy.

Work With A Doctor Who Is Supportive And Experienced

While it’s becoming increasingly common for women over the age of thirty-five to get pregnant, there still may be some medical professionals who aren’t fully supportive. It’s crucial to surround yourself with people who will be positive and encouraging, and your medical team is certainly no exception to the rule.

Track Your Ovulation

Tracking your cycle not only lets you know when you can conceive, but it also puts you in tune with your body. Part of conception and pregnancy is being connected with your physicality, and cycle tracking provides a jump start.

Get An At-Home Fertility Test

Taking an at-home fertility test before scheduling your initial doctor’s appointment is helpful in two ways:

  • If it indicates you and your partner are fertile, it can put your mind at ease and help you enjoy the process.
  • If it indicates that your fertility isn’t where you need it to be, you’ll be prepared to speak to your doctor about any concerns and ways to
    increase fertility.

Create Healthy Habits Now

Having a baseline of healthy diet and exercise habits before you get pregnant makes it easier to maintain them during pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to eliminate alcohol and other toxic substances several months before you try to conceive to ensure the toxins have been removed from your body.

Think Positively

The power of positive thought is something the scientific community has explored for years now and studies show that there are many benefits to cultivating an optimistic mindset, including:

  • Increased immunity
  • Increased cardiac health
  • Decreased risk of death from cancer and respiratory complications

While pregnancy can be stressful, keeping your stress down and positivity up will pay in dividends.

Keeping Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Once you become pregnant, you can build on what you were doing before conception to ensure you and your baby’s health continues full-term – and beyond!

Get Regular Prenatal Checkups

If you have any specific concerns or a history of miscarriage, it might be a good idea to schedule frequent prenatal checkups. This helps you keep peace of mind and ensure that everything is going as it should.

Eat Healthy

Eat foods high in nutrients like folic acid and iron. Remember: baby eats what you eat!

Stay Active

Engaging in light exercise through your pregnancy helps circulation and reduces your stress. Try walking, gentle yoga with modifications, or swimming.

Keeping Your Baby Healthy Beyond Birth

You’re doing everything you can to increase the chances of having a healthy, thriving baby – sometimes even before you’re pregnant! At CellSave, we know you want the best for your bundle of joy, so we provide premium cord blood banking services.

Cord blood banking is a safe and easy technique that provides access to life-giving newborn stem cells for your baby should specific health concerns ever arise. While we never wish for illness, being able to rest assured knowing that you have a powerful healing resource for your child should you need it is priceless.

Right now, your focus may be on how to get pregnant after thirty-five. But when you’ve been blessed with your pregnancy, allow CellSave to provide the building blocks for an ongoing healthy journey for your child. Find out more and get started here.

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