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How to stay cool during the Dubai summer when you’re pregnant

In many parts of thre world summer is something that is looked forward to with feverish hope that long sunny days will make an appearance. In Dubai the opposite it true. Most residents dread the onset of summer, bringing with it as it settles in, regular temperatures of over 45 degrees. This sort of heat is bad enough for anyone but when you’re pregnant things are even worse. Here are our tips for staying cool and surviving a Dubai summer when you’re expecting.

Drink Water

It may sound obvious but getting enough fluid when you’re pregnant is vital. When your body is sufficiently hydrated it can stay cooler more easily. Primarily this happens through sweating but if you’re not getting enough water you won’t sweat as much and therefore your body’s cooling system will be affected. Medical advisers recommend 8-12 glasses of water a day for pregnant women and you should take on more if you’re engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Stay inside

Most of us prefer to stay indoors during the summer anyway to try and beat those soaring temperatures. However, it’s doubly important for pregnant women not to be outside in direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day – usually between 11 and 4. Keep shades lowered and crank up the AC during these times.

Water Spray

If you do have to leave the house, and lets face it, most of us will as you can’t stay inside forever, take a water spray with you. When you leave the cool confines of the car, spritz a cooling mist over your face, arms and chest to keep you cool until you reach the next air conditioned building.

Quick fix

If you’re outside for a prolonged period for whatever reason and need to cool down fast, hold both wrists under the coldest tap (this is usually the hot tap in Dubai during the summer!). A few minutes of cool water over your pulse points will cool your core temperature.


If you’re suffering from cabin fever and need to get outside head for the pool. Swimming is a great way to exercise and stay cool at the same time. Most Dubai residents have access to a pool either directly in their buildings or at least in the community. Swimming is a fantastic way to stay fit when pregnant as the water reduces pressure on your joints and can also help to alleviate swelling in your lower legs and ankles.

Go natural

Choose clothes that have natural fibres such as cotton or linen. These will help increase air flow over your skin and prevent rubbing and chafing.

Ask for help

With temperatures as extreme as those in Dubai during the summer it’s important to remember your limitations. If you’re pregnant and struggling, take a break and ask for help. If you don’t have a full time helper, consider hiring someone just to come and help with some of the more labour intensive tasks while you’re managing with a bump.

It’s important to look after yourself and stay well when you’re expecting. Remember to slow down and listen to your body. If you don’t need to do something straight away, leave it and relax and know that at some point the summer will be over and you can look forward to some wonderful outdoor time with your baby when he or she arrives.

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