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Stem Cell Viability: Why the time between collecting and banking stem cells is so important

Parents choose stem cell banking for their baby to be protected in the future. By banking their baby’s valuable stem cells from the cord blood, it creates an opportunity for the whole family to treat several blood disorders, cancers, immune disorders, and metabolic disorders. The most valuable stem cells come from the umbilical cord blood and are currently being used in a tremendous number of treatments.

Now, why is the time between collection and banking of the stem cells so important? We will break it down for you. Research has shown that an increase in time from collection until cryopreservation negatively affected the number of nucleated cells, viable cells and CD34+ cells. A nucleated cell is a cell that contains genetic materials. In this cell, the hereditary information required for growth and reproduction can be found. Viable cells refer to live cells and these cells have the ability to multiply to produce copies of themselves. Doesn’t that just sound amazing? CD34+ cells are a bit more complicated to explain. CD34 is a marker of human hematopoietic stem cells. These cells possess multi-potentiality, enabling them to self-renew and produce different types of mature blood cells. All colony-forming cells of human bone marrow are found to be CD34+, and this characteristic is used to select stem cells for transplantation.

To have a successful transplantation, the quality of these stem cells is important for your baby, or for one of your family members that will receive the transplant. It is with good reason that health authorities across the world recommend or even require nor more than a 48-hour window between collection and banking. The longer the collected blood and tissue spend in transport, the poorer the quality of the harvested stem cells. It is thus recommended that you store at your local stem cell bank rather than have your stem cells shipped abroad.

Cellsave Arabia’s priority is to immediately collect and process, to ensure the best quality of your baby’s stem cells at the moment of cryopreservation. For more information, our advisors are available on 800 2796 to talk you through the process.


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