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What Are the Benefits of a Post Pregnancy Belt?

Pregnancy changes your body, and even after delivery, it can take quite some time for your body to recover. Every new mom adapts to their postpartum body differently. For some moms, they may feel their best in lightweight and loose-fitting clothing while their body transitions back to “normal.” However, other women may feel more comfortable in a post-pregnancy belt or wrap for added support. So is one option better than the other, or does it all come down to preference? Well, it might be a little of both. Although preference does play a significant role, there are actually many benefits to wearing supportive clothing such as pregnancy belts after delivery.

What is a Post Pregnancy Belt?

Many people think that postpartum wraps or belts are designed to simply help the new mom fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes, but this is not the case. Sure, a post pregnancy wrap or belt may help a new mom to feel confident or even fit in her clothes from nine months ago, but this is not the sole purpose or benefit of this supportive wear. In the next section, we will dive into the main benefits of a post pregnancy belt.

What Types of Pregnancy Belts Are There?

Although they share the same name, there are many types of pregnancy belts available for new moms. Most of them work to accomplish the same thing, but there are certain types of materials that may be preferred over others.

Elastic wraps
Elastic wraps are nice because they are gentle and flexible enough that you can breathe and move easily. It should be long enough to wrap around your hips and your abdomen comfortably. Elastic wraps are also more affordable or even free if you make one yourself using a long piece of soft fabric or cloth. 

Pregnancy belt
You can find support belts available online that come in various sizes, but the key is to make sure it’s adjustable. A pregnancy belt may be helpful for your hips and back to support good posture and sore muscles, both of which can help strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Shapewear, in general, has grown in popularity over the last few decades, but some shapewear companies design shapewear exclusively for pregnancy and postpartum. The styles may vary and include things like shapewear tanks, shorts, or even bodysuits but remember to choose something that is practical for wearing and changing pads during your postpartum period. Shapewear may be a better option for mothers who are a few months postpartum, as they can sometimes be too tight. 

Benefits of a Postpartum Belt

A postpartum belly wrap or belt can help with pain and even healing (especially if the baby was delivered via C-section). They might also help support your organs and muscles as they move back into place after having a baby.

During pregnancy, the walls of the abdomen stretch to accommodate the growing uterus and baby. Not to mention, there is also a considerable amount of fat cells that accumulate in the abdominal region and because these over-stretched muscles don’t contract immediately after delivery, it leaves skin looking and feeling flabby and loose around the abdomen. Wrapping your belly with a cloth or a postpartum belt is believed to help tighten and strengthen these muscles.

So is this a new practice or trend that just came around? No, the practice of wrapping or binding the stomach after delivery has been around for centuries! So just think of it as a new name for an old concept.

It must be noted that pregnancy belts on their own will not help the new moms to shed any excess weight, but can help mothers comfortably incorporate physical activity into their lives, once it’s safe to do so (always check with your doctor!)

Here are the many benefits of using a pregnancy wrap after your baby is delivered:

  • Helps get you moving
  • Increases blood flow 
  • Helps to relieve/reduce pain
  • Can help with swelling (after c-section)
  • Helps with posture 
  • Supports pelvic floor muscles

Support for your changing body is essential, and a post pregnancy belt could help you feel more like yourself after birth. The most important thing to do is wait for your body to heal on its own and then can get the go-ahead from your doctor or medical professional.

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