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4 UAE Influencers Share Their Stem Cell Stories

Over the years we’ve welcomed lots of well-known faces into the CellSave family, and have been privileged to share their journeys into parenthood through our Featured Mum profiles. Hear what these five ladies have to say about storing their newborn’s stem cells and some of their most precious moments of motherhood.

Diana Al Nabulsi, mum to daughter Evana

My daughter is my whole life and a piece of my soul. I can’t start my morning without seeing her smile I called her Evana (meaning gift of heaven) because she is the most precious gift for my heart. I adore every moment of motherhood, especially bath time. I would strongly advise everyone to store stem cells if possible. Stem cells are already being used to treat a growing number of diseases and undergoing clinical trials for many others, including COVID-19 – a global situation like this makes us realise the importance of health above everything else.

Rawan Bin Hussain, mum to daughter Luna

Before I became a mum I was worried I wouldn’t know what to do. But God made us all moms and it’s something we were created for. I would tell anyone in the same situation to enjoy every single second and as soon as you have your baby in your arms, you have the ability to care for them perfectly. I had actually used stem cells myself for some scar tissue that wasn’t healing very well and when I heard about newborn stem cell storage, I was really excited to store my daughter’s stem cells. Science is evolving every day. Tomorrow stem cells could be used to treat even more diseases, so why not do it? Especially when it’s so simple and safe.

Remy Baghdady, mum to son Mathew

The day I found out that I was pregnant I was running an obstacle race and I continued to work out doing cardio and weight lifting four to five days a week. I did a lot of research to make sure that everything was safe and also so that I understood the most beneficial things to eat for my little one. I knew that staying active was important for me and nothing was going to hurt my baby. Since having Mathew, I am continuing to focus on being the best I can be every time. I came across stem cell storage in my own research. My husband Joseph has ulcerative colitis and with all the advances in stem cell treatments, I strongly believe that my little bundle of joy will save his dad one day. It is the best investment you can make and has the potential to come to your family’s rescue in the future.

Rania Mazbouh, mum to son Yazan

Having Yazan changed everything; he gives my life meaning. He is so smart and I love the little tricks that he’s learning to get us to hold him. I want mums to know that having a baby is a wonderful thing to treasure and to feel confident in their own choices. I first heard about stem cell storage from the team at CellSave and my doctor said they were the best in the industry. I decided to bank my son’s stem cells because if there is any chance that it could potentially help him in the future then it’s something we would want to do.

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