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3 Simple Steps to Bank Stem Cells

As your baby’s due date approaches, the list of things to prepare for the arrival feels overwhelming. So, why should stem cell banking be at the top of that list? It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Well, with CellSave, it’s not. We understand how stressful pregnancy and baby prep can be, and we want to make […]

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Featured Mum: Remi Salloum

CellSave now stores over 350,000 stem cell units. Whilst this may sound like a meaningless statistic, what it actually means is 350,000 pregnancies 350,000 births 350,000 beautiful new babies And a lot of new mums (although not 350,000 as many of our mums choose to store for all their children, not just one) We wanted […]


10 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Delivery Bag in Dubai

Its 1:43AM and baby is on the way! You quickly grab your bag, hop in the car and are on your way. As you rush to the hospital, the last thing on your mind is the contents of your hospital bag. Though it might sound crazy, packing your bag at least a month in advance […]

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Who can use your baby’s stem cells?

Saving your baby’s stem cells with CellSave ensures they will be available to your family if you ever need them. Families choose private banking with CellSave because there are significant benefits to using your own stem cells or those of a family member. To understand who can use your baby’s stem cells it is important […]

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Two-Year-Old Emirati boy saves older brother with stem cells stored with CellSave

Hamad Alyaarbi an eight-year-old Emirati boy who suffers from the debilitating condition Sickle Cell Anemia, has had his disease cured thanks to the use of stem cells from his younger brother, Abdullah, that were stored by CellSave. At the beginning of 2017 Hamad’s parents had made the decision to use the cord blood stem cells […]


6 reasons you can’t miss My Pregnancy Arabia

Are you or your significant other expecting a baby? It can be quite overwhelming planning for the arrival, and I imagine your Google search history is taken-up with baby-related questions. What if you didn’t have to search for the answers, and they were presented straight to you, in person? Now, that sounds easier, doesn’t it? […]

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