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Featured Mum: Deepa Jaisingh

Originally from India, Deepa is a Dubai-based blogger and influencer who built a successful corporate career before branching out into the social media world to share her stories of parenthood. Deepa has just welcomed her second baby and she’s now focused on raising two children while staying involved with her virtual family online.

How did you get into the world of blogging?

I moved to Dubai in 2013 with my husband full of excitement and aspirations for the new stage of our life. I worked with a multinational in a demanding role and, after having my daughter, I wanted to dedicate all my energy to raising her, so I chose not to go back. Like every new parent, there were ups and downs and I started writing about my experiences in a personal blog. Luckily it resonated with lots of other parents and that kept me motivated. One blog post “how I lost 22 kgs within a year after delivery,” got millions of views. I took blogging to another level by buying my own domain www.momislearning.com and acquiring my licence. I secured multiple brand campaigns and got involved in Instagram, where I quickly reached 13,000 followers.

What kind of content are your followers interested in?

I try to answer every single comment or message to maintain a virtual family on my social media platforms. They like to read about my parenting journey and see what I wear, as well as how I keep my daughter engaged and manage multiple things. I’ve recently started to review restaurants as well. I had a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, so I thought why not? I have achieved the UAE Zomato level 10 and do at least two food reviews a week.

How do you see your influencer role evolving?

I feel empowered and positive at the moment. As a mum working from home, I am doing what I have been doing for many years and this hasn’t changed with the pandemic. I consistently post content and write interesting posts. Being a blogger and influencer helped me overcome many fears and gave me a voice. I get lots of requests for product recommendations, which I will do more of. I always give honest feedback, and I believe that should be the case with any influencer. 

How has your experience of motherhood been the second time?

I am very attached to my 5-year old daughter and I was sceptical about managing the second baby without making her feel insecure. But gradually, I made her understand (mostly through bedtime stories) that the new baby is her sibling and what that means. Now she helps me do things for my son and she loves holding him too. Parenting the second baby has gone smoothly, all thanks to my firstborn. 

What have been your favourite bits of motherhood?

Nothing beats those cuddles and hugs that we share with our babies, no matter what age they are. 

What piece of advice will you give your children?

I always wanted my kids to be independent and confident. I am teaching the habits that help them know their roots and also how to respect every other human being. So far, it’s going well. 

How did you hear about banking stem cells?

When I gave birth to my daughter, five years ago, I asked my gynaecologist about stem cell banking, to which she replied that it is a good thing to do, but that I would have to wait for the second baby. The information was a little late, but it stuck in mind. I did some online research and decided to go for it with the next baby. 

Why did you decide to bank your son’s stem cells?

The scientific advancements are amazing and it’s fantastic that so many diseases can be cured with newborn stem cells. We spend a lot of money on children’s education each year, and this is just a small percentage of that money, which could secure their future health. Our babies deserve the best, and just like immunisation, stem cell banking should be done as an automatic measure. 

Is stem cell storage something you would recommend?

CellSave Arabia is well-trusted. In my opinion, this is indeed worth doing and every person should take advantage of it. I would recommend storing with a least one child, as it can be used for the siblings too. And as we currently see with the COVID-19 situation, we never know what the future holds, so stem cell banking can give us peace of mind. 

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