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Featured Mum: Rania Mazbouh

Rania Mazbouh is a Lebanese TV presenter who has entertained audiences at several high-profile TV channels in Lebanon and the UAE. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Rania tells us why she loves the constant demands of the job and how bringing her son Yazan into the world has given her more confidence than ever before.

How did you get into the TV industry?

I have been working in TV for ten years. After graduating from university in Lebanon, I found a job with Al Jadeed TV straight away. First, I worked as a programme editor then as a weather forecaster. At the same time as doing the weather, I had my own entertainment talk show, interviewing actors, designers, singers, directors, and other successful stars. After getting married, we moved to Dubai where I worked at Al Aan on a live entertainment show and most recently at MBC on the show Trending.

What do you love most about the job? What are the challenges?

I absolutely love presenting, and being in front of the camera is my passion. In the media world, things are always changing and we have to stay up to date. That means learning new presenting skills, making sure we have the latest knowledge and working to the best of our abilities all the time. There’s no room to get complacent. I challenge myself to be one of the best and to present the best possible image. I look at other presenters who I admire and we learn from each other, as well as maintaining our own unique styles.

Who is the most interesting person you have interviewed?

I have been lucky enough to interview so many during my career, and I really believe that you can find something special in everyone. It’s difficult to pinpoint one person as they all have something unique.

Which celebrities do you most admire, and why?

I would have to say Fairuz the Lebanese singer. I admire her because, for me, she embodies the spirit of Lebanon. I would really love to interview her one day

Tell us about your little boy

Having Yazan four months ago changed everything; he gives my life meaning. He is so smart and I love the little tricks that he is learning to get us to pick him up and hold him.

How has your attitude towards work changed?

I left MBC when I was six months pregnant and I’ve chosen not to return to full-time work at the moment. I don’t want to leave my son for long periods of time while he is so young but that might change as he gets older. I am still doing freelance work as an MC and hosting events, as well as advertisements and brand ambassadorships.

Has your style changed since having a baby?

No, I don’t think so; I was stylish before, during and after pregnancy, but my fashion choices are different. These days I am far more likely to be wearing trainers than high heels!

Is your life very different now?

Even though I am not working everyday life is busy and I see friends regularly. I feel that maintaining a good social life is very important and it’s still possible to enjoy doing the things you did before having a baby.

What tips would you give to new mums struggling with their confidence?

I want mums to know that having a baby is a wonderful thing to treasure and to feel confident in their own choices. If I go back to work I will only feel more confident. Having a baby adds something incredible, it shouldn’t be an obstacle to your lifestyle. I sincerely wish that everyone who wants a child gets that opportunity as it is a real gift from god.

How did you first hear about banking stem cells?

I first heard about stem cell storage from the team at CellSave and when I asked my doctor, he said they were the best in the industry. I decided to bank my son’s stem cells because if there was any chance that it could help him in the future then it is something we wanted to do.


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