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Modern & Cute Baby Shower Decorations

Having a baby shower has become a tradition for most mothers-to-be. In fact, it has become a significant part of the journey leading up to a baby’s birth. Aside from receiving gifts and necessities for your baby, it’s also a day for families and friends to celebrate with you!
Baby showers are one of the most exciting parties to plan! Choosing a theme, finding a cake, and coming up with ideas for games are all exciting tasks, but one of the most critical aspects of planning comes down to choosing the right baby shower decorations. The “right” decorations will be different for every party and depend on resources, budget, theme, and personal preferences; however, if you need some inspiration or a starting point for planning your shower, we have got you covered!

Choosing a Theme

If you are planning a baby shower, one of the first things you should consider is choosing a theme. It is a great starting point because you can base the rest of your ideas and decorations around your central theme. Here are some popular baby theme ideas for your shower:

    • – Zoo animals
    • – Teddy bears
    • – Rustic look
    • – Traditional (it’s a girl! it’s a boy!)
    • – Moon and stars
    • – Rainbow
    • – Blooming baby (garden, flowers, etc.)
    • – Tea party

Once you choose a theme, you can begin the rest of the planning process. If you do a quick Google search on any of the themes mentioned above, you can get an idea of how each one can look and decide how simple or extravagant you want your party to be.

Table Decorations

There are so many different ways to get creative when it comes to table decor, but if you really want to wow your guests, you should have some inviting centerpieces that stay true to your theme. For example, if you choose a rustic look for your shower, you can decorate mason jars with twine, lace, or burlap and use the jars for candles, flowers, or succulents. Use table decorations to spruce up tables for guests, gifts, and food & beverages. The best part about table decor is that you can either buy or make DIY decorations, depending on your budget.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes have come a long way in the last decade or so. They used to consist of rolling up diapers strategically to look like a cake, tying some ribbons together, and decorating accordingly. The purpose of diaper cakes was to be able to give diapers to the mother but more excitingly than just handing over a pack of diapers. Nowadays, these types of cakes still remain true to their purpose, but they are a lot more detailed and creative than the days of rolled diapers tied together with a ribbon. Whether you want to use a diaper cake as part of your baby shower decorations or gift one to a mother-to-be, there are plenty of options and ideas online that will wow anyone!

Baby Shower Cookies/ Cake-Pops

The next idea that we are going to share crosses off multiple categories on your list of baby shower items. Baby shower cookies and cake pops count as both dessert options and decorations! Both options can be ordered to match your theme and taste preferences, but there are tons of recipes online if you want to make your own. Place some options at the dessert table, wrap the rest (individually), and leave them at guest tables as decor or party favors for your guests to take home!

Balloons To Make Your Decor Pop

One of the most popular and affordable baby shower decorations is balloons. Balloons are a great way to decorate your baby shower and fill in empty spaces that need additional decor. Keep in mind that larger, more complex requests such as the trendy balloon arches and designs (as seen on social media) will be more expensive. You can watch tutorials on creating balloon designs independently, but never underestimate the power of helium-filled balloons as celebratory decor.

Other Decor Ideas

In addition to the main decorations at your shower, you can also include other things to tie into your themes, such as games and party favors. The best thing about party favors is that they are technically decorations until the guests leave! Don’t forget about these other fun decoration ideas:

  • – Banners
  • – Guest book
  • – Table settings
  • – Baby shower signs

At CellSave, we know that choosing baby shower decorations hardly compares to all the other plans and preparations you will have to make before your baby’s arrival. Still, it is essential to take a break from planning the bigger, more crucial things, such as finances or cord blood banking options, and focus on smaller, less daunting plans.

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