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Top Islamic Baby Girl Names from Quran A to Z

For many parents, the naming of their child can be a very important and special moment for them. Oftentimes, much thought goes behind the naming process, particularly where the name might originate from in certain cultures and the meaning behind it. A vast majority of names are usually those found in famous stories or holy scriptures in history, like Greek myths or the Christian Bible. In Islamic culture, the Quran is a holy, spiritual book followed by all Muslims around the world and also serves as inspiration for many unique newborn names. These are some of the top Islamic baby girl names from the Quran from A to Z.


    A name popular in Islamic as well as pop culture. It is the feminine version of the name Ali, which means “exalted” or “high”.


    Used in the Quran around 50 times, this name means “clear signs” or “proof”.


    A name with a few different variations, including Cambur, Cambara, and Cambyr, they all ultimately mean “amber”.


    Another popular girl name that means “rainfall without any thunder or lightning”.


    A feminine name for snow, or one who has the purity and simplicity of snow.


    This name often means “perfect woman” or “daughter of the Prophet Muhammed”.


    Meaning “forgiveness” or “remission of sins”.


    A variation of the name Haaya, it means “virtue” or “modesty”.


    This beautiful name for a girl means “enlightenment” or “illumination”.


    The feminine version of the name Jamil, it can also be spelt Jamila, and means “beauty”.


    A very popular Muslim name for girls that means “word” or “speaker”.


    Another popular name of Arabic origin whose meaning is “gentle” or “pleasant”.


    This name comes directly from the Quran from the Ayat of Light. It can mean “lamp” or “light”.


    A gentle sounding name that can mean “gift” or “present”.


    A variation of the name Omideh, this name means “hope”.


    This lovely sounding name directly means “reciter of the Holy Quran”.


    A divine sounding name of Arabic origin that can mean “strength” or “wind”.


    A very popular baby girl’s name that means “princess”.


    A Quranic name that can mean “to adorn” or “to beautify”.


    An Arabic name meaning “a place of everlasting bliss”.


    This girl name means Goddess of Spring


    The Arabic name has a meaning to that of “rose”.


    Can also be spelt Xalvadora, this name’s meaning is “savior”.


    One of the most popular Arabic girl names in the world, this name is derived from the Jasmine flower.


    This name, along with its variations, including Zahara and Zaheera, is an Arabic girl’s name that means “flower”.

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