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Featured Mum: Nawrin Ela Huq

This month’s Featured Mum Nawrin was inspired by her father to forge a career on screen, first entertaining TV audiences before moving onto blogging and vlogging. Nawrin welcomed her daughter, Zorah, earlier this summer, and she’s a big believer in the power of stem cells for family health. What led you into TV presenting? My […]


Spinal Cord Injuries and Stem Cells

Among the many new stem cell therapies being explored are those in the area of regenerative medicine, such as spinal cord repair. Spinal Cord Injury The spinal cord is a long delicate structure protected by the hard-outer spinal column. It begins at the brain stem and continues down to the base of the spine. Together […]

Stages of labour

As you enter your 37th week of pregnancy, you’re now classed as “full-term” and finally ready to welcome your baby into the world. No wonder then that you’re focused on what to expect in the delivery room. While every birth is unique, medical providers talk about labour in four stages, with the first and longest […]

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. This annual event is designed to promote awareness and enable those affected by autism to achieve the highest quality of life possible. As the number of children diagnosed with autism continues to grow, scientists are striving to find new treatment methods, and one of the areas where experimental clinical trials […]

Featured Mum: Deepa Jaisingh

Originally from India, Deepa is a Dubai-based blogger and influencer who built a successful corporate career before branching out into the social media world to share her stories of parenthood. Deepa has just welcomed her second baby and she’s now focused on raising two children while staying involved with her virtual family online. How did […]

4 UAE Influencers Share Their Stem Cell Stories

Over the years we’ve welcomed lots of well-known faces into the CellSave family, and have been privileged to share their journeys into parenthood through our Featured Mum profiles. Hear what these five ladies have to say about storing their newborn’s stem cells and some of their most precious moments of motherhood. Diana Al Nabulsi, mum […]

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