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Twins and Stem Cell Storage

Double the trouble, double the fun; everything you need to know about stem cell banking when you’re having twins. When you’re pregnant for the first time there are so many new and exciting things happening it can seem like a whirlwind. If you’re having twins, it’s even more of a life changer. There are so […]

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Featured Mum: Vesna Vrankovic

Vesna Vrankovic is the creative force behind Bond Leisure which develops F&B brands throughout Dubai and Tribeca Kitchen and Bar. Vesna is also a model and has been working in the fashion industry since her early teens. During her 18-year modeling career to date, Vesna has worked with a host of creative and talented people,all […]

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The growing importance of Cord Blood

There are many decisions that you make when having a child. Birth plans, names, clothes and strollers. From the big to the small, you start making choices as soon as you’re pregnant. Thanks to advances in medicine, another choice that parents are making in increasing numbers is to store their child’s cord blood. What is […]


How to stay cool during the Dubai summer when you’re pregnant

In many parts of thre world summer is something that is looked forward to with feverish hope that long sunny days will make an appearance. In Dubai the opposite it true. Most residents dread the onset of summer, bringing with it as it settles in, regular temperatures of over 45 degrees. This sort of heat […]

featured mom

Featured Mum: Lama Alem

Lama Alem is a mother of newborn twins and a toddler. She posts on her social media very frequently about her tips and experience as a mother of 3. Currently she is a full-time content creator and a social media influencer sharing modest fashion inspiration, travel and lifestyle with her audience. She is also a regular […]

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How your baby’s stem cells can help a sibling

In 2018 we announced the amazing news that little Abdullah Alyaarbi had been able to save his older brother’s life. Whilst he certainly is a hero, he didn’t pull his older brother from a wrecked car nor did he carry him from a burning house. All Abdullah did was provide his stem cells at birth. […]

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