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featured mom

Featured Mum: Lama Alem

Lama Alem is a mother of newborn twins and a toddler. She posts on her social media very frequently about her tips and experience as a mother of 3. Currently she is a full-time content creator and a social media influencer sharing modest fashion inspiration, travel and lifestyle with her audience. She is also a regular […]

stem cells

How your baby’s stem cells can help a sibling

In 2018 we announced the amazing news that little Abdullah Alyaarbi had been able to save his older brother’s life. Whilst he certainly is a hero, he didn’t pull his older brother from a wrecked car nor did he carry him from a burning house. All Abdullah did was provide his stem cells at birth. […]

featured mom

Featured Mum: Marija Pavlovic

Marija Pavlovic is the owner and founder B1 MEDIA, a digital marketing agency in UAE. Marija started the business when she saw a gap in the market for a boutique agency providing the full range of marketing services for clients. When she’s not thinking of creative ways to provide out-of-the-box business solutions for people, Marija […]


How to choose the right doctor to deliver your baby in Dubai

Choosing a doctor at such an important time of your life can be difficult. Especially if you’re originally from a country where choice of doctors is not an option, it can be confusing knowing what questions to ask and understanding what to look for when making your decision. However, it’s important to get it right […]

featured mom

Featured Mum: Soha Taha

Soha Taha is an Egyptian influencer, designer and mother. Born and raised in the UAE, she has over a million viewers across her social media. Soha inspires her followers with her modest fashion styles and shares her lifestyle with them. Soha’s designs have travelled across the GCC, Africa, and have also reached as far as […]

How to help Dads bond with a new baby

It’s not just mums who can struggle after the arrival of a tiny newborn. Having a baby is a major life changing event for both parents and sometimes Dads can feel left out with all that Mum and baby snuggle time that’s going on. Here’s how to help your partner bond with your precious new […]

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