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Baby shower decorations, gifts, and food options at indoor celebration.

Modern & Cute Baby Shower Decorations

Having a baby shower has become a tradition for most mothers-to-be. In fact, it has become a significant part of the journey leading up to a baby’s birth. Aside from receiving gifts and necessities for your baby, it’s also a day for families and friends to celebrate with you! Baby showers are one of the […]

Pregnant woman talking to her doctor about safe solutions for heartburn during pregnancy

Everything You Need To Know About Heartburn, Gaviscon, and Pregnancy

If you have ever experienced heartburn, you know how uncomfortable it is. For most of us, heartburn can be managed with the help of antacids, medications, or by avoiding certain foods. However, this isn’t always the case for women during pregnancy. There are certain medications that are off-limits for pregnant women, so treating indigestion and […]

Woman holding an accurate pregnancy test.

The Average Pregnancy Test Kit Price in UAE

There will be specific moments throughout your life that will stand out from the rest. Moments like your graduation, your wedding day, and the moment you find out you are having a baby! Although there are many other moments between these milestones, the most significant ones usually involve growth; personal and professional growth, and a […]

Table of baby shower cakes, cupcakes, and other baby shower dessert ideas.

Fun & Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Cakes

Over the years, baby showers have evolved into elaborate and modern celebrations that are aesthetically pleasing. Sure, there are still traditional baby showers and maybe less extravagant showers for second children, but just ask any mother who attended or had a baby shower in the nineties, and they will tell you how much these celebrations […]

Newborn baby fast asleep in a hospital blanket

What Does The Umbilical Cord Do?

The umbilical cord is a familiar term for most people, whether or not they have seen one or know what it actually is. Other common names for it are birth cord, navel string, or its Latin name, Funiculus Umbilicalis, but its function remains the same no matter what you call it. In placental mammals, it […]

Mother and Father in hospital delivery room awaiting the arrival of their newborn.
stem cells

What are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells?

Most people have a general understanding of what an umbilical cord is, even if they have never had a baby before. What most people aren’t aware of is what is inside the umbilical cord or what it is made of. If you are pregnant and have been considering cord blood banking or cord blood donation, […]

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